Our Promise, Our Purpose, and Our Core Values

Our Promise

We promise that we will provide a judgment-free, supportive environment where your pet's well-being and your voice are always a priority.

Our Purpose

Compassion -

We will always be compassionate towards all pets, pet parents, and employees.

Comprehensive -

We will provide the best, most complete veterinary care to our patients.

Collaborative -

We will work as a team, amongst ourselves and with the pet parent, at all times to provide the best care for our patients.

Community -

We will be an active and supportive member of our community through education and active involvement.

Our Core Values

Everything Should Be for the Good of: The Pet, The Pet Parent, The Team, and The Hospital

Respect, Trust, Fairness

The Physical and Emotional Wellbeing of Every Pet is a Priority

Nurturing and Development of the Team is Critical to SPAH

We are accountable, we ensure we complete our job role.

This document hangs in our hallway as a reminder of the pledge that all our employees take to uphold this as a standard here at Southpoint Animal Hospital.