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General Boarding Policy

You will receive a copy of our boarding rules when you arrive with your pet.  Listed below are some highlights of our general boarding policy.

VACCINES REQUIRED: ALL boarding pets MUST have an up to date Rabies vaccine and a negative intestinal parasite test dated within the last 364 days.  An intestinal parasite test can be run on your pet at the time of boarding if this test is not up to date.  All dogs must be ≥20 weeks of age, have a bordetella vaccine given within the last 6 months, have received a minimum of two DHPP vaccines with the second being administered ≥14 weeks of age.  Alternatively, distemper-parvo titers showing adequate protection can replace the DHPP vaccine requirements.  Lastly, all dogs must be on heartworm prevention.  All cats must be ≥16 weeks of age, and have had at least 2 FVRCP vaccines.

PARASITES: All boarding pets are briefly scanned during their nurse’s exam to insure there is no evidence of fleas. If fleas or flea dirt are found, the pet will receive a capstar pill to kill all live adults currently on the pet. This cost of this medication will be added to your boarding charges.

MEDICATIONS: If you pet needs to receive medications or supplements during their stay, there will be a nominal medication administration fee. All medications must be in the ORIGINAL container and labeled with the proper dose and frequency of administration.

BLANKETS/TOYS: We do not allow personal items to be placed in the cage with your pet. We provide multiple soft blankets to insure a comfortable stay. Toys can be swallowed and personal items / blankets can often be like “socks in the dryer” despite our best efforts to ID and segregate individual pet belongings.

Prescription Medication and Diet Refills Policy

Please note that medication refills require 24-48 hours as a veterinarian must review your pet’s medical record before approving your request.  Once your request is approved and the medication is ready for pick up, a medical team member will call you at the phone number provided above.  

If we are unable to process your request, you will receive a phone call from one of our team members explaining the reason.  

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