Our Fear-Free Commitment

Our commitment to Fear-Free practices demonstrates our awareness of the undeniable emotional needs of pets. Staying true to the basic tenet of medicine, Do No Harm, we will enhance the in-hospital experience for both owner and pet. FAS (fear, anxiety, and stress) can often cause pet parents to delay pet family health visits, and this can be detrimental to your pet’s long-term health. We currently have four team members certified in Fear-Free practices, and their mission is to educate both our pet owners, and our entire Southpoint Animal Hospital team on the importance of FAS elimination. Our goal is whole pet wellness, caring for not only the physical well-being of your four legged family members but also, and equally as important, the emotional well-being of your precious pets.

We will create an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect for you and your pet, not forcing elective treatments that are frightening (nail trims, for example). Instead, we employ supplements, nutraceuticals, training methods and if necessary pharmaceuticals to support your pet and make it a more positive experience. It is our goal that pet (and owner) fears – and the negative behaviors that accompany them - will become a thing of the past.