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Training, Behavior, and Sporting Dogs

Southpoint Animal Hospital has a resident trainer & behaviorist, Lynn Rives.  Give our hospital a call to schedule an appointment to meet with her to start your puppy/dog off right: positive reinforcement puppy classes, private lessons, socialization & confidence building,  obedience, STAR, CGC, ACGC, Rally, C.L.A.S.S., behavioral counseling, fears, aggression counseling, & conditioning. Lessons are available in home or our hospital.

Online training communities for dog training, behavior, agility and sports:

  • Dr. Ian Dunbar has a creative & fact-filled website for every puppy/ owner. There are free downloads, blogs, how to solve behavior challenges, and more.

  • The AKC has a website just for puppies & new dog owners. Trainers certified to conduct STAR puppy classes, and help you train your puppy are also listed here.

  • This is the AKC website for CGC (Canine Good Citizen). Training & testing is available throughout the Raleigh/Durham area and also through Southpoint Animal Hospital.

  • Melanie Miller is a top trainer & competitor in Agility. She offers classes & individual training.

  • Patricia Tirrell combines Tellington TTouch, and force-free training techniques for you and your dog

  • Hannah Branigan offers on-line classes for dog sport competitors.

  • Denise Fenzi offers an on-line academy with a myriad of focus areas: nosework, conditioning, obedience, behavior, agility, and more!

  • Paws4Ever is a training facility and also a no-kill shelter. Their focus is on providing education for the new pet owner to enable a successful family partnership.

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