When my dogs need care, I drive almost an hour, one-way, past 6 other animal clinics, to see Dr. Blackmer. It’s 100% worth the trip. She really takes the time to listen to me, and more importantly, listen to my dogs...Dr. Blackmer puts great effort into communicating clearly, and is always compassionate and empathetic. Her style leaves me feeling cared for and comforted.
— Hannah Branigan

My Charlie had been having a tough time with his tummy for several days, and the other two vets in the area that I consulted could not figure out the problem. Charlie and I walked into SPAH simply seeking a third opinion. As it turns out, Dr. Doyle knew immediately that Charlie had an intestinal obstruction, and without hesitation cleared his schedule to make sure Charlie had surgery right away. He showed me the x-rays, clearly and carefully explained all of the procedures, and kept me informed throughout the surgery and the recovery. Dr. Doyle left to attend a conference out of state shortly after the surgery, and while he was away, we discovered that Charlie had Addison's Disease. When Charlie went into crisis, Dr. Doyle dropped everything he was doing to coordinate with the weekend emergency vet team from several states away. Charlie's heart had stopped beating, and Dr. Doyle gave the team clear instructions on exactly how to bring Charlie back. He ended up saving Charlie's life not once, but twice! I have lived with dogs my entire life, and I have never, ever worked with a veterinarian that went so far above and beyond to care for my pet. My Charlie is now very happy and healthy, and he will never go anywhere else but SPAH from now on. Words just can't express our gratitude!
- Kara Reichart

All four of my four-legged family members (two cats, two dogs) see Dr. Farling and staff on a regular basis, and I am quite sure I can speak for them when I say how much they appreciate the good care they receive, from the front desk treats to the peanut butter/cheese distractions while being plied with their vaccinations. We have certainly run the gamut from run-of-the-mill checkups to emergency care, and our experience has always been superb. In short, I would definitely recommend SPAH for your go-to veterinary care provider in the Durham area!
— Alison Domnas

We have been members at Southpoint Animal Hospital for the past three years and we love it! The staff is welcoming and personable, and I genuinely feel that they care about our pets. Two years ago, both of our cats were suffering from a painful gum infection and needed to have their teeth extracted. Dr. Farling walked us through the procedure and maintained constant communication throughout their surgeries. While it was expensive, Dr. Farling and her staff worked with us to make sure we stayed within our budget, and it was actually much more cost effective compared to other animal hospitals. We could not have been happier with the end result! Our two boys are enjoying life again and are much more vivacious and content. We love our Southpoint Animal Hospital family and are so happy we joined.
- Casey Villarreal

Southpoint Animal Hospital has always taken great care of my adopted dogs and cats. From the staff at the front of the house that always have a smile to the veterinarians who take the time to explain all that is going on with your loved one. All the staff (especially the technicians) provide the care and attention your animal(s) will need. I would HIGHLY recommend SPAH.
— Cindy Swinkels, Ph.D.

I believe it's an incredible privilege to be a Dog Mom because you share an unbreakable bond and unconditional love with your Dog. I'm the Mom to three Alaskan Malamutes: Niko (age 13), Chloe (age 12) and Stella (age 7). I attribute a great deal of their health and happiness to the outstanding care they receive at Southpoint Animal Hospital.  Over the years, as my dogs have aged and their healthcare needs have changed and increased, I've come to rely on the expertise of Dr. Farling. She's been pivotal in helping me make decisions not only about routine care, but also about diagnostic testing and the best solutions for treatment, especially related to pain management and lymphoma. The relationship I have with her and the entire staff at Southpoint is invaluable to me.
- Andi Lampart

Every single experience we have had at Southpoint Animal Hospital has been positively excellent! The entire practice, from the front desk staff to the vet techs to the veterinarians, is dedicated to the health and happiness of every animal that comes in the front door. They make our kitties feel known and loved. The veterinarians are compassionate, patient, and remarkably knowledgeable as practitioners and as educators. As far as we are concerned, this is by far the best care available in our area. Our kitties, Penelope and Lucy, agree.
— Liz Yaros & Erin Grady