Surgery and Post-Operative Care

In addition to excellent intraoperative care, our goal for every surgical patient is to minimize anxiety, ensure safety under anesthesia, and provide excellent post-operative care. From the time your dog or cat arrives on the day of their surgery to when they go home to you, we’ll take care to ensure their experience is low stress and pain-free. Intraoperative support is critical to a safe and comfortable experience and our nursing team monitors each surgical patient from the first premedication to reduce anxiety until he or she is in recovery and awake.

We provide routine surgeries including spays and neuters, dentistry, and growth removals. Our surgeons are equally skilled at more advanced procedures including

  • Exploratory surgeries

  • Gastrointestinal surgeries

  • Cystotomies for bladder stones

  • Penile urethrostomies for severe or recurrent urethral blockage

  • Orthopedic procedures (ruptured cranial cruciate ligament, femoral head ostectomy, medial patella luxation repair, OCD surgery, and more)

  • Internal mass removals

We have a veterinarian certified in canine rehabilitation therapy and a dedicated canine rehabilitation team who will work with you and your companion’s surgeon to maximize healing after surgery. Our experience working with post-operative conditions is extensive and includes cruciate ligament injury, medial patellar luxation, femoral head and neck ostectomy (FHO), total hip replacement, OCD surgery, elbow dysplasia, and fractures.