Our Philosophy

Southpoint Animal Hospital is:

Collaborative: While we are experts in veterinary medicine, our clients are experts on their own pets. We foster positive collaboration between client and doctor as a means of providing the best possible care.

Educational: Our goals are to not only educate pet parents on how to care for their four legged family members at home, but also to ensure that there is a thorough understanding of the health status and health care options available for their precious pets. Our veterinarians and staff dedicate time to educate pet parents on why a certain approach is recommended in wellness or sickness and we believe it is critical that clients feel heard and have all of their questions addressed. Likewise, we want our expertise in veterinary medicine to extend beyond the doors of our hospital. We educate our clients on how to care for their four-legged family members at home, a practice that increases the vitality of pets and extends the quality and quantity of their lives.

Compassionate: We believe that a trip to Southpoint Animal Hospital should be like visiting family. In this spirit, we aim to know our pets and their families and to provide an experience that is free of fear and full of skilled, nurturing care.   

Patient-Focused: We advocate for pets based on their medical needs and the lifestyle needs of their family. We work with the pet’s family to create a plan for healing and prevention that will improve the quality of pets’ lives.