Pain Management and Mobility

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General Pain Management and Mobility

The fast-growing field of canine and feline rehabilitation aims to help our four-legged companions heal faster and remain pain-free and functional for much longer. Our team’s goal is to maximize your companion’s healing, mobility, strength, and function whether he’s recovering from surgery, training for his next competition, or starting to feel the effects of aging joints. We’ll tailor the evaluation and treatment plan to his or her specific needs. Some of our alternative therapies include PRP injections, acupuncture, and Class IV K-laser therapy. 

Pain Management and Mobility for Seniors

We start with a comprehensive evaluation that assesses your companion at many levels including function in and around the house, muscle and joint mobility, strength and balance, and gait analysis. We’ll also evaluate your companion’s diet, supplements and medications to make sure they meet his or her needs. What follows is a team approach to therapy with the goal of helping your senior companion maintain dignity and function more easily in his home.

Pain Management and Mobility for Athletes

During an athlete rehabilitation evaluation, we assess strength, balance, and proprioception; we also have an in-depth discussion about your goals and your athletic partner’s sports challenges. Based on the information gathered, we’ll develop a detailed exercise plan tailored to balancing your dog’s conditioning program based on his or her needs as well as the specific needs of your sport, whether that is agility, competition obedience, rally, IPO, dock diving, or conformation.