Questions About Our Services

Do you provide grooming or nail trimming?  

We do not provide grooming services but can provide recommendations for groomers in the immediate area. We routinely trim nails on pets with up to date rabies vaccines. Visit our pet portal to make a nurse appointment.

Do you bathe pets?  

Yes! Your pet will need an appointment for a bath and will need to be dropped off earlier in the day. An up-to-date rabies vaccine is required for bathing.

Do I need to be present for my pet’s appointment?  

No. Your pet can be seen as a drop-off appointment. Please fill out the Appointment Request Form so that one of our Client Care team members can schedule a drop off appointment for you. The veterinarian that evaluates your pet will call you to obtain additional history, make recommendations, and discuss relevant physical exam findings and lab results. Drop off appointments should arrive at the hospital between 7am and 9am.

Do you provide boarding?   

Yes. Please fill out a Boarding Request on our Pet Portal so that our Client Care team can reach out to you regarding the availability of the dates requested.

What do I need to bring if I am dropping off my pet for boarding?

Please bring any medications your pet is currently taking and their food, if they are on a special diet or have a sensitive stomach. Please do not bring blankets, toys, bedding, or other personal items. We promise to take excellent care of your four-legged family members in your absence! You can read our full boarding policy here.

Do you provide emergency services?  

We do provide emergency care. Please call us at 919-226-0043 if you have a pet emergency. During operating hours, if we have a doctor available to see your pet for an emergency, we will work you in as quickly as possible. However, if there isn’t a SPAH doctor available or the hospital is closed, we recommend that you contact Veterinary Specialty Hospital at 919-600-6600. VSH has hospitals in Durham, Cary and North Raleigh. Again, call Southpoint Animal Hospital first at 919-226-0043 if your pet has an emergency.

What types of animals do you see?  

Our practice is exclusively for dogs and cats. We recommend that you contact Avian and Exotic Animal Care in Raleigh at 919-844-9166 for any other types of pets, excluding large mammals.

Can I schedule my pet’s appointment online?

Yes! Please sign up for a Pet Portal account to book an appointment online.  Alternatively, you may call our Client Care team directly at 919-226-0043.

Do you have someone monitoring hospitalized pets overnight?  

No. If 24-hour monitoring is necessary, you will be referred to Veterinary Specialty Hospital by one of our veterinarians.

Do you provide dog training?  

Yes. We are in the process of developing a menu of available classes.  Please see the Behavioral and Training Services tab of the website for more information and local recommendations.

Do you do anesthesia-free dental cleanings?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to perform a thorough, professional dental prophylaxis on any awake or sedated patient. “Anesthesia Free Dental” is a misleading term and actually only temporarily improves the superficial cosmetic appearance of the teeth. General anesthesia is required for an in-depth oral exam, comprehensive radiographs (x-rays) for the detection of disease below the gum line, and during a thorough cleaning and polishing of all tooth surfaces.

How do I prepare my pet for a procedure requiring general anesthesia?  

Please read this document on how to prepare your pet for a procedure requiring general anesthesia. The document is also available under our Additional Resources tab.

Do Southpoint Animal Hospital doctors do house calls?  

We only do house calls for established patients with feline behavioral problems. Please call the hospital at 919-226-0043 to inquire about this unique service.

Can I get my dog’s or cat’s vaccines done without an exam?

A current (within one year) wellness exam with one of our veterinarians is required for vaccinations. If your pet’s wellness exam has been done at Southpoint Animal Hospital anytime within the previous 364 days, any necessary vaccines can be administered with a nurse appointment.

Do you offer at-home euthanasia services?  

No. We recommend that you contact Peaceful Passing, Lap of Love, or Dr. Azure Holland for comprehensive, compassionate at-home euthanasia services.

Can you help with my pet's itchy skin?

Because pets can become itchy for a number of reasons, it's best for a veterinarian to assess your pet in the clinic. Before your appointment, please fill out the Itchy Pet Questionnaire so that the doctor can review your pet's particular case before the appointment.

Questions About Medications

Will you call in my prescription to an online pharmacy?  

We will call in prescriptions to local pharmacies only. Or, alternatively, we will provide you with a written prescription to fill at any pharmacy of your choosing. We do not have direct communication with online pharmacies.

Can I get my medications refilled without an exam?  

Many medications require an exam. Refills without an exam may be granted in specific situations depending on the type of medication requested and if the pet has an up to date wellness exam on file (within the last year). All medication requests must be approved by a veterinarian.

Can I purchase heartworm prevention medication without an exam?  

If you have an up-to-date wellness exam (done within the last 364 days) and an up to date heartworm test, you can purchase heartworm prevention.

Can I purchase flea / tick control without an exam?

Depending on the type of flea or tick control desired, an up-to-date wellness exam is not always necessary. However, NexGard does require an up to date wellness exam.

Miscellaneous Questions

Do you have any recommendations for adoption rescue groups?

There are a large number of groups that undertake the hard work of rescuing unwanted pets and screening them for adoption. Please see the Animal Adoption/Animal Rescue Organization section of our Additional Resources tab for a partial list of local rescue groups.

What vaccines does my puppy or kitten need?  

The answer depends on how old your pet is and what, if any, vaccines were previously given and at what age. Your veterinarian can give you a schedule once they have performed a physical exam on your pet and reviewed your past medical records.

Do you give discounts?  

We do not provide discounts for select customer groups with the exception of a minor discount for approved rescue groups. Our pricing is very competitive, offering high quality patient care and customer service to all clients.

Do you accept pet health insurance?  

Yes. We will ensure that you are provided with the proper documentation to assist you in this process. Please note that pet owners are responsible for filing the claims and submitting the paperwork.

Do you offer payment plans?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide payment plans. If finances are a concern, we recommend that you visit as this service will pay for your veterinary bills at the time the service is rendered. If you pay back the balance within a certain time frame (dependent, in part, on the amount of your charges), you will not be charged interest.