Hot Happens FAST!

With the hot weather starting here in North Carolina, we thought it best to visit that “hot” topic of heat stroke in pets. An excellent source for information can be found below. Awareness is the best prevention. Please share this with everyone!

“Every year, too many dogs suffer and die from preventable cases of Heat Stroke. It happens in hot cars, while out exercising, on airplanes, and in a variety of other situations. What they all have in common though, along with the heartbreaking nature of these cases, is that the overwhelming majority of these tragedies can be prevented.

On their page you’ll find vital information and tips that can help you protect your own pets from the devastating effects of Heat Stroke, as well as the resources and tools to get involved in changing the dynamic and conversation to help protect pets the world over.

They keep this page updated with new stories, studies, and resources as they become available. We encourage you to have a look around, share your stories, get involved, and show these resources to your friends and family.

Together we can make a difference and stop these senseless and preventable deaths, as well as the anger, heartbreak, and suffering they leave behind. “

Click here for all the ins and outs that you need to know to prevent heat stroke!