Educational Workshops with Southpoint Animal Hospital

As we mentioned in our New Year's Resolution blog post last month, we are excited to host pet educational workshops here at Southpoint Animal Hospital this year! We have covered many successful topics in the past, and are excited to share more of our special interests with you in the future. 

Last month we posted a poll on our blog and Facebook page surveying your interest and preference on topics for these workshops. We received tremendous feedback, and for that we THANK YOU!! Below is a summary of the results:

Workshop Poll Results.PNG

As you can see, the topics that earned the most interest were Behavioral Issues, Feline Specific Topics, Alternative Medicine/Herbals, and CPR and First Aid. We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting an educational workshop on each of these top topics and the dates of each workshop are listed below:

Feline Behavior Workshop with Dr. Elise Hattingh on Saturday, April 21

Alternative Medicine Workshop with Dr. Brian Lapham on Satuday, June 16

Animal Behavior Workshop with professional dog trainer Lynn Rives on Satuday, August 11

CPR and First Aid Workshop with Dr. Brian Lapham on Saturday, November 10

Did your requested topic fall short of the top picks for this year's workshops? Have no fear! We will be pulling ideas for upcoming blog posts from your interest list throughout the year. Stay tuned for more info!