Meet Jasmine!

Meet Jasmine! She is an 8 week old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and the newest member of SPAH! And why, other than being immensely cute, is Jasmine so special? Because Jasmine is joining in the long tradition of Search and Rescue! Her new mom, Nancy Culberson, has been doing search and rescue work with her dogs for many years and Jasmine will be her 3rd dog to participate. Jasmine has some big shoes to fill, literally, because her new sister, Suzie, is a 107lb searcher too!

Believe it or not, Jasmine’s training will begin very soon! We will follow her in her training and her adventures in the field as she helps the great group Southern Pride Search Dogs (Mountain to Sea) seek out and rescue those individuals that may have gotten lost in North Carolina. True heroes, each and every one of them.

Keep up with this little cutie as SPAH helps to keep Jasmine in tip top shape AND helps with her training!